Saturday, 17 February 2018

Bucket List Challenge #1 Publishing a Book

To anyone who knows me, I have been working on writing a book for the past nine years. Besides the fact that I like to write, have always kept personal journals, and wanted to share my story, I was inspired to do so after I became a sailor and had the pleasure and challenge of working in a non-traditional work place.

When I came off the ships because I became pregnant with my daughter, I decided to write my story mostly for myself, friends, and family.  To share with them my thoughts and experiences and to hopefully paint a picture of what it was like on board a ship. I started by writing my biography from the moment I started my journey to the moment I stepped off the ship. After a couple of years I finished it and quickly realised I didn't want to share it with anyone let alone my friends and family. It was much too personal and I didn't want people to know "everything" so to speak. I knew I wanted to share some of my experiences because they were interesting, funny, and honestly too good not to share. But then I realized that I am only one woman, I can only write from my perspective and my experiences, but were there others like me? Surely there were other women who wanted to share their own experiences from their own perspectives?

I went on to canvas women sailor's to interview and the response was incredible. I received 20 e-mails the first day, all women wanting to be interviewed, from various ship types, different positions, and from different places in North America and beyond. Something sparked inside of me to pursue this venture, and to write a book filled with short stories about different women sailor's. Not everyone knows what it is like on a ship, and how challenging it can be to be a woman in a non-traditional role. So my bucket list challenge started and it became my dream to complete and publish this book on women sailor's.

I am proud to announce that after many years of blood, sweat, and tears, I can finally share with the world my first non-fiction book with true stories of women sailor's. It is currently being sold on on kindle and in paperback form at the below link:

Women at Sea on

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I am so excited to share my experiences as well as the experiences from all the lovely ladies I have interviewed. It feels so good to be finished and now to be able to check off my #1 on my bucket list.