Sunday, 19 February 2012

How To Save Money Grocery Shopping

Every knowledgeable person knows that grocery shopping is a way of life. It's simply the easiest and cheapest form of feeding your family and in reality, a necessity of life. My theory is if you have to buy groceries, why not do it the cheapest way possible without compromising your integrity or your family's health.

Here are some really easy ways to save a lot of money when it comes to groceries. Most of them I live by.

1. COUPONS COUPONS COUPONS!!!!!! Coupons are great, coupons are put out by stores to get you to come into their store. Coupons are as good as money itself. If you shop at the same store all the time and they offer coupons, why not use them to get the same products that you would already normally buy for way less?

2. Flyers are put out by most grocery stores once a week. I get these flyers sent to me at home but most of them can be found online as well. I circle everything that I need/want and that is on sale and then I take the flyer into the store with me plus my shopping list and pre-plan what I buy. This saves money just for the fact that you're not going into the store and buying everything in site.

3. Shop with a list! When you look through your cupboards, fridge and freezer to see what you need to buy make sure you write everything you need down and only buy what is on your list. You will save yourself from buying frivolous things as well as junk food you probably don't need to consume.

4. Club Cards are a great way to get discounts, earn points and use those points to buy groceries. It is a store's way of saying thank you for choosing us instead of one of the many other grocery stores out there. Take advantage of these.

5. Shop one big shop once a week. Most people if they have a fridge and a freezer should be able to do this. This will save you on gas money as well as make you make a meal plan which in turn will help you save money. A meal plan is deciding ahead of time what you will have for dinner every night that week and going out and buying everything you will need to prepare the meals. The ingredients need for these meals will help you make up your shopping list.

6. Only buy produce, bread, dairy that you will eat before it expires. To throw out food that you don't eat because it has expired is a waste of money. Unless you freeze your extra fruit before it goes bad, or freeze that extra loaf of bread you bought it will just end up in the garbage.

7. Buy a deepfreeze so that you can stock up on things like, fruit, bread, meat etc when it's on sale and therefore save you from buying it at full price. These come in handy because you can really stock up when the stores have their big sales like customer appreciation days etc.

8. Know your prices! This is handy when you can decipher what is a good deal or not. When something is a great deal stock up! Stockpiling is good for things that you will always need such as toilet paper, paper towel, toiletries, vitamins, medicine, laundry soap and even all the food that you can freeze. So when toilet paper is on sale for $5 when it normally goes for $10, don't just buy 1 or 2 buy A LOT! You will need it eventually and it just means you won't have to spend your grocery budget on toilet paper for awhile.

9. Have a weekly and monthly budget. I shop with a weekly budget of about $100. That's $400 a month which is not bad for 2 1/2 people. I would never ever say we go without stuff that we want. I always get what we need/want and stay on our budget.

10. Always buy what's on sale. I never ever come home with the same brand of bread or anything for that matter. I always switch it up to whatever is on sale at the time. This will definitely save you money.  Most brands aren't much different from the next one so you shouldn't really notice a difference.

I hope I have enlightened you all and maybe helped you save some $$$$ along the way. This is just one more way to save you some money so you can start saving for your future!

Happy shopping,