Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Going Gluten Free is for Me

Many of you are now commonly known as celiac. I have a few friends who are gluten intolerant as it is hard to digest.

I myself am not celiac but I do practice the gluten free way. Gluten is a "bad" carb and when digested actually turns to sugar in our bodies. I for one have been trying to cut out sugar as much as possible but I love carbs! I love bread, cereal, pasta, you name it I love it. I also eat way to much of it, if you think about all of the carbs that I eat which then turns to sugar on top of the refined sugar and sweets I am already eating, I am digesting an awful lot of sugar in my body.

SO I started eating more and more gluten free products which use rice flour, or quinoa, or other healthier alternatives. I have never felt better and I think I have actually started to lose weight or "thin out a bit" in my stomach area. I am not on a diet, it's more of a lifestyle choice to not eat gluten and I believe I am better off. I can't say that I never eat gluten as I am still a fan of regular organic bread (I don't like the taste of gluten free bread), but I try when I can to go gluten free and I hardly notice a difference in taste. I think some of the stuff actually tastes better to be honest. Probably because most gluten-free food is also organic or natural.

I have come to appreciate natural food. As natural as I can get it. No chemicals, no preservatives, and I have actually found myself making more of my own food and baked goods just because I know what I have put in it. That's the thing when you buy store bought food, you just don't know what you are getting, what you are eating, and what you are feeding your kids.

I read every single label on food that I buy. If I can't pronounce it or I don't know what an ingredient is I don't buy it. If an ingredient is supposed to be "natural" I wait until I get home and do my research. Knowledge is power and everyone should know where their food comes from and what they are eating. Our food is fuel for our bodies and the higher quality of "fuel" we eat or put into our bodies the better they run the healthier we will be.

It sickens me just what companies and big corporations try and pawn off as "food" when it's not even food but a food like product. People are slowly dying from all sorts of different diseases including Cancer which is a big one out there. I have had several people around me suffer from cancer and even die from it. I'm not about to let it take me or my young family, so this is me fighting back with healthy food. For my kids sake, for my sake and for my husbands sake. We no longer buy food with preservatives in it and stick to pretty much all organic food.

I think that if everyone took their health into their own hands the world would be a much better place. I think that people would start to enjoy food more as well as cooking and perhaps even gardening to grow real, healthy and delicious food. I have a much deeper appreciation for food now as we need it to survive. Organic food isn't as expensive as we might think but if it might save your life or your family's don't you think the extra $0.30 on those bananas was worth it?

You can't put a price on life itself. Certainly not your own life or anyone else's for that matter. I hope this blog will inspire some of you to try going organic, or gluten free, or just eating healthier in general. You will appreciate it, your kids will appreciate it and your body will thank you for it.

Do your research, be knowledgeable on what you are putting in your body, and get in touch with nature. Our world is a beautiful place even though some of us may take it for granted.

I hope you have enjoyed todays Blog!

Thanks for Listening!