Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bucket List Challenge #64 Play Glow Mini Golf

                                                                 Glow Mini Golf


Ever since glow anything even became an option, I had always wanted to try Glow Mini Golf. There was something about being in the dark, playing mini golf with florescent lights, loud music and neon glow paint that sounded like it would be fun.

Ever since having kids, my husband and I always try and do at least one thing as a family usually on Sunday. This weekend we decided to try Glow Mini Golf. Our kids seemed very interested and excited to try it and I had a coupon so we thought "why not"?

When we walked into the venue it was barely lit and the music was blaring. We were the only ones in there (as it was still early my kids are young). It was fun and there were colored paintings on the wall colored with glow paint reflecting off the lights. There were 9 holes, each with their own unique way of getting the ball into the hole.

Playing with a 4 year old and a seven year old can be challenging at the best of times but trying to get them to slow down was especially challenging. They wanted to run right to the next hole without waiting for everyone else. Fortunately, the music was inviting and enjoyable so they were mostly dancing in place at the end of each hole waiting for us to catch up. At the end on hole 9 there was an opportunity to get a free game if you got a hole in one but unfortunately none of us got one. The last hole ate our balls and it was time to go.

It was a fun family outing and for the most part a great experience with the kids. I don't know if I would be playing every weekend, but it is a fun indoor thing to do when you don't really have anything else to do or just want to get out of the house for an evening. At least I've tried it, and now I can say I have crossed another one off my bucket list!

Thanks for listening!


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