Tuesday, 14 February 2012

10 Things you can do to save money with your car

Cars, trucks, vans, campers you name it it gets expensive. Being a car owner can be great as it gets you from A-B, from work to home, home to school etc, however it also get very expensive. I've listed a few different ways to help with some of the costs included with having a vehicle.

1. Always do regular maintenance including regular oil changes, keeping the tires inflated, changing the air filter on time, rotating the tires etc. This will help keep your vehicle healthy and last longer and it won't have to work as hard a.k.a use more gas.

2. Fill up when gas is cheap. Even if you don't normally put gas in your vehicle when it's more then 1/4 tank if you fill it up when it's cheap it'll save you money. You are always going to need gas, you might as well get it when it's cheaper instead of waiting for it to go up in price.

3. Wash your own car. It's more time consuming, more effort but cheaper =)

4. Stay the recommended speed limit. I know some people don't think this saves gas but I think they are wrong and I think that it will save you gas and money in the end. As well as keep your car healthy and alive longer. Less ware and tear.

5. If you can do your own maintenance or get someone you know to do it for cheap. Labor is expensive, most places charge an average of $60 hr or more and can add up quite quickly.

6. Never carry more weight in your vehicle then you need to. Extra weight weighs the vehicle down more so it has to work extra hard to go thus  burning more gas and wasting more money.

7. Stay safe! Being accident free gives you more opportunity for more discounts when it comes to your insurance and saves you money every year! Also depending on where you live, shop around for insurance to see who gives you the best deal.

8. Check your tire pressure regularly! If you tire pressure is too low it take more energy to drive and the vehicle uses more gas thus being more expensive to run. Keep a tire pressure gage in your glove compartment so you always have one handy and can check them regularly. It's amazing how long a little air can go!

9. Try and keep from idling too often or too much as this uses fuel as well. Most places are no idling zones such as schools and government buildings and it's just overall healthy for the environment if you don't idle.

10. Try not to ride your breaks so often. The more you break the more you will have to replace your brakes costing you money. Keep a good and safe distance from the person ahead of you and you shouldn't have to break as much. People who tailgate, tend to use their breaks more often and have to replace them more frequently.

Again, I hope you got something out of this blog post and hopefully it will save you money in the long run.

Drive Safe!


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