Saturday, 31 March 2012

Urban Suburban

A lot of people want to find new and exciting ways to make their yards more efficient and more green. Living in the city doesn't make it an easy task to grow a garden or grow plants in general. Less space, less resources, and less nature period. I found this new way of creating raised garden boxes and I think it's a great way to save space, save time weeding, and it doesn't hardly cost anything to start if anything.

If you can find free pallets (a lot of business give them away for free) you can start and grow your own little garden. Keep in mind if you're going to be growing veggies, you need to make sure the wood hasn't been treated with any kind of chemical.

1. To start just get a pallet and staple back cloth on the bottom to keep the dirt from falling out of the bottom.

2. Place on either gravel or grass where ever you like.

3. Fill with dirt and plant your rows for veggies or flowers

By planting this way, it saves on weeding because the weeds cannot grow in between the rows. It also looks pretty neat and saves on space especially if you have a tiny yard. You could even put one on your sun deck or patio!

Green houses are also a great way to have fresh herbs and tomatoes all year long. Put a small lean-to on a deck or patio and let the fresh taste of spring and summer enter your home all year long.  Buy one from a local hardware/garden store or make your own from old windows or sheets of glass. Be creative make your garden yours and own whatever it is you would like to create. My hope is that after this season we will have fresh veggies, herbs, etc and be a bit more self sufficient at home. By doing this I hope my family will be happier and healthier and I hope to include my daughter every step of the way to show and teach her just exactly where her food comes from. I've even gone as far as buying her a little watering can and shovel to keep her involved in the process.  I think this is a great way for kids to learn about their surroundings and the environment.

There are so many other ways to be more efficient and green. Stay tuned for pictures and more ideas on how to create an urban garden in the suburbs.

Enjoy your day!


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